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Creamy Taco Pasta Salad
Servings: 2
Author: Kitchen Nostalgia
  • 1/2 cup ranch dressing
  • 2 tsp taco seasoning or to taste
  • 2 cups bow-tie pasta cooked
  • 1/2 chicken breast grilled, cut into strips
  • 2-3 cups lettuce chopped
  • 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes halved
  • 1 avocado cubed
  • 1/4 cup olives sliced
  • 1/2 cup cheddar cheese shredded
  • corn tortilla chips
  1. In a large bowl, put ranch dressing and taco seasoning and stir.
  2. Add drained pasta, grilled chicken, chopped lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cubed avocado and sliced olives. Toss to coat with dressing.
  3. Put into serving bowl, sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese and serve with corn tortilla chips.