Chicken Feta Cheese Pasta Salad

Gourmet Chicken Feta Cheese Pasta Salad can be an incredibly good lunch or one of the dishes on your picnic table. Served chilled, it is great in summer as a stand alone meal. It uses some of tastiest ingredients, like grilled chicken breast, feta cheese, avocados, cherry (or regular) tomatoes,… Read more »


Eggless Vanilla Ice Cream

Eggless Vanilla Ice Cream is a very easy to make summer dessert. Basically you just mix all ingredients and let your ice cream maker do the job. Another advantage is that you can enjoy homemade ice cream without risk of food poisoning since you’re not using raw eggs. Subtle taste… Read more »


Nutella Oreo Cheesecake

Nutella Oreo Cheesecake is an awesome no bake dessert becoming more and more popular on the web. The recipe was first published on (Croatian language). Crust of the cake is made with crushed Oreo cookies and hazelnuts. It is filled with Nutella cheesecake layer and topped with white cheesecake… Read more »


Pasta with Peas, Ham and Red Bell Peppers

Since readers of my blog liked very much recipe for One Pot Spaghetti that I posted last year, I thought you would also like this Pasta with Peas, Ham and Red Bell Peppers. It is almost as simple as the spaghetti, even though you cook the pasta separately, so it’s… Read more »


Apricot Dumplings

Apricot Dumplings (Marillenkn√∂del) are a famous dessert, probably created in Vienna, Austria, then spread all over Austro-Hungarian empire, to countries like Hungary, Check Republic, Croatia etc. I remember they were often on our table in late spring and early summer, as well as even more popular Plum Dumplings in autumn.… Read more »


Churro Doughnuts

Everybody loves churros, mostly because of their crispy exterior covered with cinnamon and sugar. But, churros are not exactly healthy food since… Read more »


Asparagus Risotto

I used to make risotto with wild asparagus. It was tasty, but wild asparagus can be a bit bitter. When wild asparagus… Read more »


Easter Salad

I found this recipe for Easter Salad years ago in an old cookbook. There were no ingredient measurements whatsoever. It is more… Read more »



Chilaquiles is a simple and inexpensive Mexican skillet dish you can make to use up your leftover tortillas and enchilada sauce. It… Read more »


Lemon Ginger Tea

Lemon Ginger Tea is perfect winter drink because it warms the body from the inside out. It also reduces inflammation, fights respiratory… Read more »


Semolina Pudding

Semolina Pudding, or semolina porridge or cream of wheat, is a quick milk pudding, cooked on stove top and eaten for breakfast… Read more »


Crazy Dough Bread

Many people asked me for detailed instructions for making bread using Crazy Dough or Vegan Crazy Dough. I baked several different versions… Read more »